The Redfields community is in a very convenient location, located only minutes from both Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall and UVA. It offers some of the best neighborhood amenities in the area, including a pool, a playground, a lake, and hiking trails.

Walking Paths

For residents who enjoy walking in the neighborhood, a paved path runs along Redfields Road and around the community’s private lake. Strollers and dogs on leash are welcome!

Nature Trails

In 2012, Redfields homeowners collectively purchased 58 acres and placed the property under permanent conservation to buffer the neighborhood from existing and future development. This easement guards against potential growth that could fundamentally change the character of the neighborhood by increasing housing density and road traffic.

Today the property is crisscrossed with an extensive system of wooded hiking trails designed for the enjoyment of our residents. 


Renovated in 2018 with all new equipment, the Redfields playground is situated within a fenced, grassy area.


One of Redfields’ most scenic amenities is our lake, which is circled by paved walking trails and open year-round.