Current Homeowners

The high quality of life in Redfields is a result of our community’s investment in numerous amenities, including our pool, playground, lake, landscaping, and walking and hiking trails. Funds for these and other similar projects are drawn from monthly dues and our reserve, and we are constantly seeking to improve amenities and to make the community a great place to live.

The community is governed by volunteers who are elected annually to serve on the Redfields Community Association Board of Directors. Please contact Sarah Mullen to learn more about board service.


Community Manager

Redfields is managed by Real Property Inc. and Doug Brooks, a principal at RPI. Please contact Brooks at with any questions about amenities, services, dues, etc. as well as grievances or concerns. To leave a voicemail please call (434) 326-5830.

Community Email Listserv

As a convenience, Redfields Community Association maintains a resident email listserv and occasionally sends notices, updates, and alerts to the list of subscribers.  Please sign up here for the community email listserv. Note that your email address will not be shared with any outside parties.

Facebook Group

Redfields has a closed, moderated Facebook group for residents to post social opportunities, share community news, request recommendations, buy and sell items, etc. at Redfields Community (Charlottesville).

Please note that our property manager does not have access to the Facebook group, and the group is not affiliated in any official way with Redfields Community Association. Any questions about maintenance, services, etc., as well as grievances or concerns, should go directly to Doug Brooks rather than being posted on Facebook.

Trails map: